What's Lost is Found!
Jesus Loves Japan!

westerners.  The society if very homogeneous with people finding contentment from social
pleasures.  From the natural standpoint Japan is a very pleasant and safe country.  

Within the culture God desires to reveal His love to the people.  Presently, less than one percent
know the love of Jesus.  Simply speaking, more than 99 percent of the people here do not
understand that God loves them and has a purpose for their lives and country.

Jesus died so that all could know of God's love and purpose for them.  Our heavenly Father desires
to reveal His  great love to the people here so that Japan can prosper in a new and greater way to
become a dynamic influence for Him in Asia.

Eternal Difference Ministry desires to be a Light of the Love of God to help the people of Japan
move into living for His purpose.  If you know the Lord Jesus Christ we would love for you to join us in
sharing His love in Japan.